The Place To Come for Seasonal Veg

Come to The VALE GROCer for LOCAL & SEASONAL veG grown without chemicals

Seasonal veg and other organic groceries. Thursdays & Fridays 10 am – 1 pm

Meet local producers in one place. 1st Saturday of every month 9 am – 12 noon

Get seasonal veg delivered to your door in/around Denbigh and Ruthin

We grow a lot of seasonal veg ourselves in our minimum till market garden in Prion. Whilst we aren’t organically certified, we do grow using organic methods. We also use permaculture for inspiration where we can. Read our blog to find out what we’re growing at the moment.

We’re on the lookout for local suppliers who grow without chemicals (fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides), and would love to work with more growers in N Wales. Please get in touch to discuss supplying to us.

To ensure a good range of organic produce we also buy in from our fantastic wholesalers Organic North. They are based in Manchester and deliver to us 1-2 times a week, bringing produce from organic farms all over the UK and beyond. We do not buy any produce that is flown in to the UK.

Chris and Liz Kameen took on a local veg box business in 2018 and have gone on to establish The Vale Grocer as the place to come for seasonal produce in the Denbigh area.

They want everyone to be able to access fresh produce grown without chemicals. From their own experience they know that the better the veg tastes, the more of it they want to eat. And the longer it keeps, the less is wasted.

Chris and Liz are on a mission to help more people regularly eat 30 plants a week, which is seen by many experts as having a direct link to improved health. They would also love to see a reduction in the consumption of ultra-processed food.

They love working with other small businesses that are also producing great food. They’re really excited about what other opportunities may arise in the future to champion more of these businesses.

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