A New Pair of Hands In the Field

In the Field

This week we had a new pair of hands join the team. Dorota came to see us last autumn and we said we’d have work for her in the Spring. She is also working at other veg businesses around North Wales which is great. Sharing knowledge / expertise and generally helping each other is what we need to get this area back to growing plenty of vegetables for local communities to eat. It’s great to be buliding the team and having so many great people working with us, bringing their energy and skills to the business.

This week has had her in the green-house pricking out and also clearing beds and top dressing with compost  ready for planting out. We’re really hoping that we can turbo-charge our growing this year!

The green house is rapidly filling up with trays of seedlings. We have over 500 lettuces, 150 spinach plants, 60 spring cabbages, 80 kohl rabi, 4 beds worth of leeks, 2 beds worth of onions, 1 beds worth of beetroot. We have direct sown a bed of mustard salads.

Much of the over-wintered salad is now starting to flower with the typical yellow brassica flower (these actually taste really good!). This is a sign that we are just heading into the UK hungry gap time. We’re trying to get crops going as quickly as we can in the poly tunnel to replace the crops that are finishing. The question is always do we keep this bed of lettuce going harvesting leaves as we have been? Or do we clear it, harvest them as heads and then get the next crop growing? This will be the decision that we have to make over the next couple of weeks. This is why we start as much off in cells as we can  in the greenhouse. It can be more work but makes better use of the land.

In the Shop

We are open this Thursday and Friday as normal, with Tony in on Friday. There should be some Pentrefelin milk in from Huw – the first bottles came in last Friday which was exciting. We miss the milk when the cows have their holiday!

Here’s a list of what I think is in the shop although the caveat is that I’m away and not sure I’ve referred to the right order list! This gives you an idea though.

In the Boxes

When you login into OOOOBY you should be able to see what is in this week’s and next week’s box. Remember the box contents are not set in stone. If you do have a different item on the day it’s not because we’ve made a mistake, but because we’re juggling stock when we’re packing the boxes. We order for the boxes so far in advance we have to reassess at the time of packing, especially if we have produce from the field that needs harvesting earlier than we expected. Click here to see what’s in your box and to make any changes (you need to click on the relevant box size to see details).

You can also order fruit boxes on OOOOBY

In the Kitchen

We’re getting closer to the inevitable Hungry Gap when we rely far more on tins and stored / canned / bottled produce from the past year. Still enjoying the fresh tasty produce whilst it’s there though.

Made an amazing spinach soup the other day – recipe here. I didn’t have creme fraiche so just used a bit of cream. So tasty.

If you need any cabbage inspiration – here are some Riverford tips.

This celeriac gratin is on the list to try too.