All Hands on Deck – It’s Full steam ahead

Team-work makes the dream work!

It’s been all hands on deck and full steam ahead. In between the rain we’ve managed to get a lot of work done in the field, especially now that Rosie is back. Dorota has been weeding like a machine, quite soon we’ll wonder what we did without her.

We have cleared the last remaining leeks and got a really nice harvest of decent leeks. We had been holding these back in case of a mini disaster and veg suddenly became scarce (our mini emergency stockpile!) 

Flowering veg

You’ll have noticed everything’s starting to green up in the hedgerows etc and annoyingly the acceleration in growth of everything includes weeds! Also, well- established winter crops suddenly decide to flower!

This is what happens and creates the hungry gap. The mustard salads in the poly tunnel became a sea of yellow flowers which we have chopped down and top-dressed with homemade compost. About half of the lettuces, chard plants and spinach we’ve been stripping leaves off all winter are just beginning to bolt, so as those crops end we have to wait a couple of weeks before the new crops are harvestable….. time to use up what is in your freezer, folks!

Aphids (argh)

In the polytunnel we’ve also had a bit of an infestation of aphids on some of the lettuces and broad beans. It’s difficult to know what to do – leave them and let the ladybirds move in, or remove the offending plants so as to try and save some of the other plants.. we’ve cut off the tops of some of the broad beans but left the lettuces.. Who knows what is right?

Planting and Harvesting

This week we have managed to get a bed of kohl rabi, a bed of lettuce, a bed of spring greens and a bed of beetroot into the field. We’ve pricked out 120 cavalo Nero plants, 60 odd Pak choi, and spinach. We’ve also ridged up the new potatoes in the poly tunnel.

In the greenhouse, tomatoes are starting to germinate as well as more broad beans, courgettes and peas.

Harvesting – radishes, PSB, lettuce leaves, rhubarb, leeks, perpetual kale, chard and spinach.

Our PSB looking good, won’t be available much longer so enjoy it whilst it’s here! (more in the shop this week)

Note that in this little update I have used the words ‘we’ a lot.. what I mean is Rosie and Dorota and Jenny! Team-work really does make the dream work, as cheesy as it sounds!

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