Aphids and rabbits…argh

In the field:

What have we been up to…

  • Weeding goes without saying but we still need to mention!
  • Pinching out and stringing out tomatoes. Lots of aphids, ladybirds not arrived yet, hurry along you guys we need you!
  • Harvested a lot – 14kg of kale, 9kg chard, 45 lettuces, 10kg beetroot (more than half had been eaten by rabbits argh), 20 spring greens, 3 kg courgettes.
  • Pricked out chard and beetroot.

Rabbits are such a big problem for us this year. Chris has worked out (he records everything!) that next week we’ll fall behind last year’s quantities in terms of what we’re producing in the field. We can’t blame the rabbits entirely though, it’s just been a long old hungry gap – as an example, last year we’d already been harvesting beetroot for 6 weeks by now, whereas this year we’re just starting. Think that’s one of the reasons we’re struggling with the fact it’s July and already past the equinox!

We’ve finally found someone to help us building our compost bays (a la Charles Dowding, very exciting, this has been on the list for so long) – photos and details to follow. Just need to get roof and side panels now. If anyone has any old corrugated tin sheets kicking about we need a lot – about 30 sq metres worth!

In the kitchen:

Made 2 x Meera Sodha curries the other day, inspired by our visit to the Chai House / Red Lion! They were so tasty, and worked so well together. We made this spinach, tomato and chickpea one (subbed chard leaves for the spinach), and this rainbow chard saag aloo. YUM.

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