April showers

In the Field

The wet weather (April Showers??) is still playing havoc with work in the field. We have barely had a chance to get out there and do some proper work. However every cloud has it’s silver lining, this means that when I went sailing on Sunday and Monday I wasn’t feeling guilty that I should have been in the field!

In the polytunnel we have been busy harvesting amazing quality salad, spinach, and chard, with still more to come. In the green house we have been watering every day and keeping an eye on literally thousands of little seedlings. Neglect them for a few hours in an unvented green house and that is thousands of pounds worth of future veg destroyed and a set back of at least 6 weeks…. quite stressful! This week we will be sowing our tomato seeds, along with next sowings of lettuce, beetroot and radish.

Imminent hungry gap warning, we are really starting to see the effects of the coming hungry gap with cabbages one of the first things becoming scarce. The Savoys that are available are from Portugal and really quite expensive. Not sure how much people are prepared to pay for humble cabbage, especially towards the tail-end of winter when we’ve been eating them for months already! Cauliflowers are hard to come by but we’ve got a good few weeks of purple sprouting broccoli to enjoy, all being well! In our polytunnel the mustards which are part of the brassica family are going to seed and we are about 2 or 3  weeks away from the recently sown salad being available for harvest. 

Muddy carrots are becoming harder to find and you’ll notice that they are sending out little roots as they start to try and grow again. Very soon we will only have the washed carrots and these don’t keep as well or taste as good so we will be reducing the quantities in the boxes over that time as we wait for the fresh young carrots with tops!

In the Boxes

Hungry gap is on it’s way, boxes won’t look their best over the coming weeks but stick with it and we promise better things to come as the UK veg starts coming through again.

If you have any questions about the new OOOOBY software, please let us know – you can always come into the shop and chat with us too. We’ve had lots of great feedback and the odd inevitable hiccup which we’re working through as they arise. We know that the software is working really well for other businesses like ours so we’re fairly confident (hopeful!) the hiccups will be few and far between! Once again, thank you to everyone for the support through this change.

Click here to see what we’ve planned for your box next week and to make any changes (you need to click on the relevant box size in the link to see details).

Some of the recent fruit boxes that we’ve delivered!

In the shop

We’ve got the market on Saturday morning (9-12) so we’ve got lots of stock ready for 3 mornings in the shop. Here’s a list of what we’re expecting to have but there’s limited amounts of quite a lot of it.

Tony isn’t in on Friday as he needs to focus on baking ready for Saturday’s market. However, we will be getting some sourdough loaves in from him on Thursday  to see us through until he comes on Saturday with his full array of treats!

Milk will be in on Friday again (this is the only day that Huw can deliver) – we’ll be getting 8 bottles in until we are regularly selling out and then we’ll up it back up to 12 if the demand is there.

Each week for the last 8 weeks we have broken our sales record in the shop. This is pretty crazy / exciting / scary all at once. Thank to everyone who supports us and is spreading the word.

In the Kitchen

It’s pretty much a daily occurence that at least one of us comments on how lucky we are to be eating such great food. We feel so lucky that our fridge and pantry is stocked with produce that honestly just couldn’t be bettered. It means that any meal we try to make seems to turn out ok (even when we think it might not!) as the basic ingredients just do their thing. We really notice this when we’re cooking in someone else’s kitchen* and having to make meals from ingredients that just aren’t as good.

(*family or friends – we don’t just wander into random kitchens, in case you were wondering.)

Last night we roasted purple sprouting broccoli and leeks, and threw together with pasta and a cheese sause – so tasty. Chris also made a fab chilli the other day with a tiny amout of meat and loads of veg and spices. He’d found an old opened sachet of chilli mix that we’d bought for a camping trip ages ago and he had a read of the pack. Interestingly, he noticed it had extra ‘stuff’ in it that you wouldn’t expect. He threw it away and made his own spice mix with things in our cupboard and we questioned why we would ever buy one of these sachets again!?

Check out the added starch, salt, maltodextrin (?) and cocoa powder (????) in a pack of chilli con carne seasoning. Just above the ingredient list it says ‘2 of your 5 a day provided by one serving of our recipe’ and ‘no added preseervatives or msg’. Unbelievably clever on-pack messaging, which of course companies like this can afford to pay for.