Bank Holiday…what Bank Holiday?

Unlike jobs outside of farming, the work doesn’t stop for bank holidays, so we’ve had a full weekend and Monday working as usual. We knew what we signing up for when we started but is also why we particularly relish and enjoy our two weeks off at the start of the year!!

In the field this week, we have been doing a lot of harvesting and a lot of weeding.


Our second crop of lettuces in the poly tunnel were beginning to show signs of bolting so we took the decision to harvest all the leaves and clear them. We also cleared a lot of spinach and I had a second go at the perpetual kale, which were both quite tricky as these beds were also harvested last week.

The broad beans on the other hand seem to be all ready at once and so this was a relatively easy harvest. We have also had a small crop of radishes and wet red onions with green tops which are super tasty.

This year we have made a real effort to stay on top of sequential sowing and so we have already had harvests from Spring sowings of mustard salad, lettuces and rocket. These are now all starting to go to seed after the first cut, this is both in the poly tunnel and outside. It’s incredible how quick we are turning round the beds from one crop to the next. Having extra pairs of hands in the field (Dorota and Amy have joined us this year) really makes a difference to our efficiency! 

Planting out

Where we’ve cleared the lettuces in the poly tunnel, the first tomato plants have gone in. This is always an exciting time. This year we have over 200 seedling tomato plants.

Let’s hope for a brilliant return on all this work and not too much aphid damage. I’m hoping that because the broadbeans have had quite a bit of aphid damage that the predators are already moved in…..time will tell.


In the greenhouse we have about 120 runner bean plants sown, plus the same number of dwarf french beans. Also 120 multi sown beetroot cells, and another couple of trays of peas! Am really determined to keep the beds full this year.

Finally we have also sown some more seed trays of kale, lettuce, spring cabbages and also swede ready for…wait for it…yep, Christmas! Brussel sprouts and parsnips next week!

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