Everything is Growing Fast

What a week! The sun has been a welcome addition and has really helped bring on the crops.

Because we were able to get crops into the ground earlier in the spring, they were able to get their roots down and are now really loving this warmth.

Everything is growing fast, including our blackberries. This was a bit of a problem this week as they are rampant where I was harvesting the perpetual kale!!! Check out the photos below – that was quite brutal being in amongst all of that!

The perpetual kale (Taunton Dean) was all grown from cuttings two years ago and has really flourished despite being engulfed in the blackberry hedge!  Remember when cooking it to separate the tougher stalks from the lovely leaves. Just sautee the leaves olive oil, lemon juice and salt and you have a ready nutritious side dish that goes with just about anything.

This perpetual kale was a real blessing as brassicas this week were incredibly hard to come by.


This week we’ve harvested 48 lettuces, 12kg of perpetual kale, 1.5kg of cavalo nero, 10kg of broad beans and so far about 1kg of mustard salad mix, with more still to come.


So far this week we’ve sown a load more lettuce, beetroot and climbing beans. We’ve also sown more peas which are just starting to germinate. I’ve not been quite as on top of my succession sowing as I’d liked and we’ve hit a spot at the moment where next week there is a chance that we’ll not have anything to plant out which will be the first time in a while!

Planting out

Between Rosie, Dorota and Amy, they have managed to get a lot into the ground. Multiple beds of multi-sown leeks and onions, curly kale and a bed of kohl rabi. It is always exciting to see crops go in on the same day that the previous crop is harvested.. It feels very efficient!

We’ve also got our first climbing beans planted out in the poly tunnel, hopefully these will take quickly, as the little creatures seem to love these!!!

Finally we’ve also got our first courgette plants in the polytunnel. These are quite substantial plants, so fingers crossed they take.

Potting on

There is a lot of potting on to do at the moment – 200 odd tomato plants, 30 or so chilli plants, These have all been in small cells but now need to be potted on so that they can flourish before planting out.

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