First Turn of Compost

Compost Bins and Blisters

First turn of compost! That gave me a few blisters! The new compost bins are working brilliantly. Everything is rotting down incredibly quickly, this is less than 5 months old and is already looking pretty good. It was still pretty warm, so hopefully the turning will add a bit more oxygen and get get it heated up again. If we can get it over 65 degrees, then that kills the weed seeds, which so far seems to have been happening! This is exciting, bit of a dream come true from a market garden perspective.

A Physical Weekend

I also got the walking tractor out, I flail-mowed all the flowering brassicas and then covered this up with tarps. The beds that had been covered for a while were uncovered and I used the rotary plough to reshape the beds by running it down the paths. I then used the power harrow to give a nice tilth ready for planting in the kales which had been hardening off for the last week.

This was a very physical weekend, as the tarps are heavy and the tractor is quite heavy to use in tight spaces. I was in bed by 8pm on Sunday night!!

Harvesting and Clearing

This week the team have worked incredibly hard, harvesting and clearing the polytunnel and sowing in another catch crop of salads, radish whilst the tomatoes and courgettes do their thing in the greenhouse.

We currently have about 200 tomato plants of 5 different varieties, so hopeful that we’ll have a good crop this year! We’re struggling with courgettes, for some reason the seeds don’t seem to be germinating so at the moment I’ve only got 5 plants…. Yikes we need 20!! Hopefully they’ll catch up.

Cucumbers are popping up and so hopefully we’ll get those in soon.

Did you see my video last week? Wander Round our growing patch beginning of May 2024 this was shot before the heavy work this weekend. I’ll try and do another one so you can see what it looks like now.

Harvesting, we’ve already had 4.5kg of salad, 4.5kg of chard and 3kg of spinach this week which given the time of year is really impressive. Feeling quite proud! Also not sure what we’d have done without this given the problems we’re having sourcing produce for the boxes.

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