Harvesting in The Hail

In the field:

On Monday I spent 2 hours harvesting in relentless rain and then hail…not what I was expecting but at least it was warm!

Chris was on a mission last week to get the field to where he wanted it before going away on his sailing week. In one day alone he planted out 60+ swede, 240 lettuces, 120 clumps of beetroot, 90 chard, and shifted 7 wheelbarrows of compost. A massive effort and glad he got them all in before that rain (and hopefully some more sun) this week.

He flail mowed the beds where we’d had cabbages and saladini, and cleared the kohlrabi bed. Both of those beds have since now been planted. He also spent a few hours (with some help – thank you N!) chipping loads of hedge cuttings and willow sticks which he has added to our rapidly developing compost pile.

My goal this week is really just to keep everything alive and harvest what we need for the boxes and shop, anything else is a bonus! Oh and of course try to avoid having too many marrows by picking courgettes daily.

Here’s a short video of the field this morning, very peaceful.

In the kitchen:

Here’s Riverford’s tips on how to cut a courgette if you needed some inspiration! This little recipe using courgettes and cabbage looks right up my street – anchovies, garlic and oil are always a winning combo.

Have a lovely week!

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