It’s all about Harvesting

This last week has all been about harvesting summer vegetables. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, Growing veg is relatively easy compared to harvesting at the right time and selling it to make a living. The month of August is when the summer vegetables are at their peak and when market gardeners recoup their investments of labour and soil preparation from the previous 6 months.

This year the summer vegetables are running a little late, the hot early summer frollowed by a relatively damp cool July and August has delayed many of our crops, and so hoping that we will be able to extend their growing season slightly. We are currently tracking about 15% down on the same time last year which is a little disappointing. Having spoken to other growers, we are potentially faring better than most.

What Summer vegetables have we harvested so far this week?

15kg leeks, 12kg chard, 15kg patty pan squash, 9kg courgettes, 15kg of tomatoes, 10 lettuces, 10 cauliflowers, 11kg cavalo nero kale, 7kg cucumbers, 2kg runner beans. We’ve still got to harvest for the shop yet, so this will increase quite considerably. We could really do with a bit more sunshine and warmth to give us a good bounty for Thursday and Friday, so fingers crossed!! (we seem to spend a lot of time in this game crossing digits, haha).

In the greenhouse

I have sown more Cavalo Nero Kale for going into the poly tunnel, and marvel of four season lettuce. The seed I had from last year wassn’t germinating so I bought some fresh from Greenfingers and they have germinated straight away! – Note to self – don’t waste time on old seed if time is of the essence.

Recipe ideas:

Liz is away and I’m trying to hustle my way through two veg boxes!! The first one is all the veg I harvested for the display, and then I forgot to cancel our veg box for the week. Consequently, I’ve been eating a lot of thick summer vegetable soup!

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