How to use a veg box on your own

Week 2 of living on my own and for this week I’ve got our veg box delivery. At the Vale Grocer we currently do 2 sizes of veg box, a small and a regular and as a family we get a regular box just like our customers. Rather than stopping the box or changing to the small I decided to set my self a challenge. (those that know me well won’t be suprised to read that!) How to get through a veg box on my own.

If you read last week’s blog ‘how to eat veg when you are busy‘ you will have seen this was about using up the Christmas veg and basically a bit of planning, but the difference then was we hadn’t fully started back at work. How would I get on this week.

Week 2

Contents of veg box:

Potatoes, carrots, onions, sprout tops, squash, cauliflower, beetroot, mushrooms, swede and clementines

The first thing I did was look at the contents and see what things are easy to use and will go with anything from omlettes, to pasta to roast or soups . From this list the sprout tops, cauliflower and mushrooms are all easy to use, so I will save some or part of those for when I’m busy.

Day 8: Monday

a busy day with a lot of harvesting and getting head back into the computer – food basically finishing off the last of the Christmas Veg.

Breakfast: Porridge with Turmeric, Granola including seeds, stewed apple and cinnamon

Lunch: Fried egg on buttered sourdough with hot chilli sauce

Snacks: Graze Periperi roasted corn peas and beans, short bread, clementines, kumquats

Evening meal: cabbage biryani made with garlic, onion, white cabbage, sultanas, cashewnuts,coconut milk  curry paste (I should’ve made it with the raw ingredients but I was lazy, and we have an opened jar of curry paste that needs using!

Drinks: 3 pots of tea, 1 pot of coffee, 1 lemon, ginger turmeric hot drink with sugar (run out of honey)

Day 9 – deliveries, packing boxes and ordering

Breakfast – buttered sourdough with bergamot marmalade

Lunch: cold cabbage biryani made with garlic, onion, white cabbage, sultanas, cashewnuts,coconut milk  curry paste

Snacks: Ryvita and marmite and double gloucester cheese, clementines, banana, apple

Evening meal: Hash made of carrot, swede, potato and butter with sauteed white cabbage with chilli flakes and 2 fried eggs on top with a side of rhubarb relish

Drinks: lemon and ginger herbal tea x2, ovaltine lite from Sarah, Withens Pale Ale… no tea… major disaster today I forgot to pick up milk

Day 10 – early start and admin

Lunch: Reheated cabbage biryani made with garlic, onion, white cabbage, sultanas, cashewnuts, coconut milk  curry paste.

Snacks: sourdough with Bergamot marmalade, clementine, banana, mint chocolate bendicks, buttered ryvita with Double gloucester cheese, plain crisps x 2  (at the pub!)

Evening meal: Wholemeal Spelt Penne pasta, shredded sprout tops, onion, chillies, chestnut mushrooms olive oil, soy sauce and worcestershire sauce.

Drinks: 2 x beers, 3 pots of tea and a pint of water, half a bottle of mint kombucha

Day 11 – early start, shop and then afternoon in field harvesting

Breakfast: Porridge, Milk, apple, cinnamon

Snacks: crisps (I found these stashed in the cupboard and once found I was like an addict – they couldn’t be left!), buttered sourdough with jam, buttered ryvita with gloucester cheese, 2 x bendicks chocolate mints, Sourdough cinnamon roll from Surdeig bakery, blood orange, banana, adams pearmain apple

Evening meal: Roasted veg, squash, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, swede, onions, tomatoes, olive oil with chick peas and Tahini (sesame) with shredded sprout tops and with chiili sauteed 

Drinks: 3 pots of tea, chamomile tea and a beer, half a bottle of mint kombucha

Day 12 – Shop then quick trip to parents on the Wirral

Breakfast: porridge with milk, apple and cinnamon

Lunch soup made with last nights evening meal: roasted veg, squash, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, swede, onions, tomatoes, olive oil with chick peas and Tahini (sesame)

Snacks: clementine, blood orange, apple, banana, 2 eggs on buttered sourdough, bendicks mint chocolates, handful of pistachio nuts, cashew nuts,

Evening meal: lamb chop, fried potatoes, carrots and sprouts with mint sauce (at mum and Dads!) followed by multiple cheese and biscuits including some mature cheddar and cottage cheese with pineapple and Christmas cake!!

Drinks: 3 pots of tea, 2 lemon teas, 2 stella artois – reassuringly expensive

Day 13 – working on the house then Vale Grocer Admin

Managed to skip a meal today – just through forgetting and getting absorbed in the work.

Breakfast: porridge, milk, finished the granola

Lunch: finished the soup:  made with last nights evening meal: roasted veg, squash, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, swede, onions, tomatoes, olive oil with chick peas and Tahini (sesame)

Snacks: full bag of pistachios, clementines x 2, finished ryvita with some double gloucester cheese, some Christmas fudge, plenty of Christmas cake

Drinks: 2 pots of tea, 2 Sam Smiths, 1 Withens Pale Ale

Day 14 – finished admin and worked in the garden

Breakfast: Muesli containing Oats, wheat flakes, sultanas, raisins, apple, almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts, with milk

Snacks:  bag of beef McCoys from Morrisons… argh! It is so hard, crisps are like an addiction – I couldn’t get past them! It is incredible – I know how bad they are for me, I’m trying my hardest and yet still I relented. I wonder if it is because I relented on my 30 heart points and 10,000 steps yesterday?  Chocolate swiss roll at neighbours house, finished off the Sourdough toast buttered with bergamot marmalade. (The Sourdough which was previously frozen from a couple of months ago has lasted me a week and is/was still in great nick.) Fudge, pistachios, clementine, Christmas Cake, kiwi fruit.

Lunch: seem to forget to have lunch – perhaps that was why I craved the crisps!

Evening meal:onion and Cauliflower with Spelt Wholegrain pasta and cheese sauce made with the remains of the sheep’s cheese from the beginning of December, made with chilli powder and paprika – oh my word this was so yummy and used up the slightly going mouldy bits of cheese!

Drinks: 3 pots of tea, pot of coffee, withens pale ale, half bottle of Matcha & mint Kombucha

How did I get on using my veg box?

I’ve come to the end of the week and remaining from my veg box is half a swede a few potatoes, few carrots, few onions, tiny bit of sprout top (I forgot to eat that tonight – so will eat that tomorrow with my lunch!) and annoyingly beetroot. I missed them when I was doing the roasted veg earlier in the week.

I reckon if I hadn’t gone to my parents for Friday night meal I probably would have got through the lot… not bad, I have also ended up skipping a couple of meals which I think is down to time when busy and living on your own. What I think is interesting is that I’ve now gone two weeks and still not really had a lazy ‘beans on toast’ type stereotypical busy life meal.

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