The Hungry Gap Is Lingering

Another tricky week navigating the hungry gap which is lingering this year.

I’ve just had a look at previous years to see what we was in the boxes and it is quite astonishing to see that by this time last year we had gone through 820 Spring Greens in the last 10 weeks – all from the UK. This year we have had zero available to us due to crop failures. Our business is about 1% that of our wholesaler, Organic North, so when you multiply that out it gives you an indication of the difficulties being faced by the industry! The European brassicas are quite a lot more expensive and just not as good (in my opinion at least).

Despite this lingering hungry gap we are managing to get a good amount of produce from our little field in Prion.

A lot of harvesting

Pretty chuffed to have managed to harvest the Pak Choi just before it bolted – we supplemented with some bought in ones, but ours have been pretty good and we have a few left for the shop this week.

Broadbeans – had 25kg so far and probably a few more to come this week. Next week will be the last of them as we’ll be cutting them down and planting out the cucumbers which are bursting to get out of their pots!

Salad – we decided to harvest leaves again rather than lettuce heads – with the lack of produce around generally in the UK we want to keep things growing as much as possible. The downside of this is the increased use of plastic bags – we’re going through a lot more than in the past. It’s really tricky to know how to play this one. The one thing we do try to do ourselves is reuse the bags as much as we can, and know a lot of our customers do the same.

Chard – we a great harvest of Chard this week, this was all sown in March and so to get 8kg from a single bed is pretty good going. It is really interesting to see the difference in the strength / toughness of the leaves compared to chard grown in the polytunnel which doesn’t need to withstand the buffeting of the wind!

Our red onions harvested last week and sold in the shop!

More sowing and pricking out

Sowed a couple of trays of multi-sown turnips for a quick catch-crop. Also direct sown carrots and more mustrad salad in the field.

Pricked out a few more trays of kale and cavalo nero and also a tray of swede. Still to go I need to prick out more basil and lettuces this week, and also sow brussel sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli, which I’ve not had a chance to do yet… yikes!

Tomato Worries

Planting out – Rosie has managed to get a lot more tomatoes into the ground which is exciting. But I’m worried that we aren’t as far advanced as many others that I see on social media. Perhaps our elevation is a factor here, or maybe I didn’t have enough heating on!? Time will tell. Everything crossed, as we rely on our tasty tomatoes for a good income stream.

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