Less harvesting but more weeding

In the field:

  • Not much harvesting this week – only rhubarb, lettuces, radish and perpetual kale available. Next week we hope to harvest a fair bit for the boxes so we are just letting things be for now.
  • Moving tarps – these are massive so harder than it sounds! Rosie uncovered a rabbit family living under one…complete with washing line and little blue jackets according to Chris (!) who was most likely waving his rake around like Mr McGregor. Don’t worry, they all scarpered
  • Weeding, lots of! We’re definitely seeing the benefits of a few years of no dig – fewer and smaller weeds
  • Planting out more leeks, cavalo nero, curly kale, lettuces
  • And here’s a little video of Chris clearing some kale a week or so ago – that tractor is pretty tough going but an amazing bit of kit and we wouldn’t be without it


  • More sowing – cucumbers, courgettes, patty pan, lettuces, broad beans, peas
  • More pricking out – cavalo nero, curly Kale, tomatoes
  • Transplanting into bigger pots – cavalo Nero, curly kale, tomatoes, courgettes


  • Cleared the spinach and the last of the kale and purple sprouting broccoli. All the old of lettuces are starting to try and flower, so they are to be chopped right back and covered with compost. Weeding!
  • Planted a lot of lettuces, tomatoes and courgettes to go in this week

In the kitchen:

We’re really trying to avoid ultra-processed food as much as we can and trying to get as many different veg / seeds / beans / grains / pulses etc etc into each meal that we can. Adding things like tahini and harissa to roasted veggies really does add an extra dimension, we’re going to keep experimenting. We’re loving the tins of beans especially during the hungry gap – these are selling well in the shop too and are just so easy to use.

In terms of some seasonal recipes using the limited veg that’s around, this braised leek fettucine looks yum. As does this chickpea dal.