Freshly harvested kale, Chard and Cabbages

Let the Fresh veg feast begin

Well if last week was a catch up, this week has been a holiday week, but not for the fresh veg which is growing like billio! This wet weather has actually been perfect for me to get away and to relax and not worry about scorched seedlings or veg wilting. That said, some sunshine would be nice to ripen up the tomatoes which are looking amazing though rather green!

We haven’t done much work in the field other than harvesting which has been quite substantial this week:

  • 2kg beetroot
  • 32 cabbages
  • 12kg chard
  • 14kg kale
  • 3.5kg cougettes
  • 1kg peas
  • 2kg patty pan squash

It’s interesting to note that the 32 cabbages was a whole bed. We’ve lost about 10 cabbges to mice or slugs and so the yield after nealy 5 months is really quite poor. Whilst it would be great to sell by weight, I’m not sure many people would be open to paying £5 or so for a cabbage. We have costed them at market price for Organic Cabbages which is about £1.70 a cabbage. Compare that to a bed of 10 courgette plants that produce a lot of courgettes which we sell at about £3/kg. These quirks reflect the way that the fresh veg is harvested. -Courgettes are quite hard to harvest and takes time whereas harvesting cabbages is a quick chop with a machete.

Our compost bin stage 1 has been finished and we have started to fill the first bay. It is incredible how quickly it heats up. Ben Jewel has done an amazing job of interpreting my drawing / design and making use of the timber from Rosie’s dad – Elwy Working woods and the freebie tin I managed to get.

Recipe ideas:

For the last week or so, we have been eating incredibly well even though we have been camping with no oven. We have a two burner stove so everything needs to be cooked ideally in one pan. It got me thinking that actually the food we are cooking is actually food that we could cook at home and tastes amazing and makes good use of our fresh veg box!

  1. Sausage Pilau – chopped sausage fried in a big pan until cooked with lots of chopped onions, then add a cup of rice, stir, and then add two cups of water bring to a simmer and then add chopped green beans, palermo pepper and peas or whatever veg you have lying around. Once the veg has been added, salt and pepper – put a lid on and then switch off and let the rice cook. Once all liquid is absorbed it should be ready to eat!
  2. Bean Chilli, tin of mixed beans, tin of tomatoes , chopped onion, chopped up palermo pepper, harrisa paste – in a pan simmer it down then serve with mashed potato or rice.. Yum!!!
  3. Pasta, Kale, Chilli flakes and parmesan cheese. Kale chopped up and fried/ sauteed in olive oil with chilli flakes. Stir it through drained pasta and top with cheese.. Easy and delicious.
  4. Pasta with a sauce made from Sweet pepper, tomatos, onions, chilli flakes and lots of olives.. Easy!

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