More November Rain…and Mud

In the field:

Rosie has been working her socks off this last week despite the weather. The ground is incredibly wet at the moment but that hasn’t stopped her clearing some substantial weeds behind the poly- tunnel and getting wood chip down. During the heavy rain she has been tidying up in the poly tunnel, digging out the paths and either raking them up into the beds or moving the soil to the chard beds.

Harvesting is starting to back off with the focus now on salad bags. We are holding back some crops at the moment in case we get a particularly bad snap of weather around Christmas. In the ground ready for harvesting at the moment we probably have about 50kg of potatoes, 40 swede, 40kg of leeks and about 40 stalks of sprouts… not quite enough for everyone but better than nothing!

In the kitchen:

I tried Jollof rice for the first time a while ago – used a jar of jollof paste which I bought thinking it looked interesting but here is a recipe from scratch – love these kind of one pot rice dishes.

Also tried making a parsnip and apple soup yesterday – one I don’t recommend! Nothing more frustrating than taking great raw ingredients and turning them into something not so good – think the apple was a bad idea, we don’t like the sweetness. Maybe the type of apple (I used eaters past their shelf life)?

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