November Rain

Blustery and rainy this morning but miraculously Chris did the round in relatively dry weather – think he must have been ahead of the front as it came through. November rain feels that much chillier than October rain, as I found out when walking the dog earlier.

In the field:

Rosie has been like a woman possessed – around our field is a wire fence that has become quite a harbour for dense weeds. Nettles, dock leaves, brambles, raspberries and mint are all encroaching on our growing beds, and Rosie has taken it upon herself to get these cleared and to get wood chip down.

We have struck on our rich seam of wood chip and so we are making the most of it whilst it lasts. Inside the poly tunnels we are also getting chip down in the paths having now removed the tomato plants. The growing area has now become 2 dimensional which does make it easier to get the wheel-barrows down the paths. 

Harvesting has still been pretty prolific with about 15kg of leeks harvested, 3kg of kale and chard, and nearly 8kg of salad leaves.

We know that salad leaves in plastic bags are a bit of a challenge – but at the moment is the only we can do it economically and in such a way to keep us going through the winter.

Harvesting heads of lettuce would be like killing the golden goose and we’d have to charge in the region of £5 a head, maybe even more, as the land would then lie empty until February or March before we could anything started again.

If we all re-use our bags as much as we can then that helps but we know it’s not ideal.

In the kitchen:

Two recipes from Anna Jones this week – agree with her that I have a weakness too for baked pasta! Just so comforting. We put our purple sprouting broccoli in a cheese sauce with pasta yesterday and baked it…yum.

  • Smoked paprika pasta bake recipe here (interestingly she says ‘As a vegetarian, I find it [smoked paprika] particularly useful; it adds a depth of flavour that’s otherwise quite elusive without meat.’)
  • Roast roots with butter recipe here