Our First Cauliflowers

In the field:

Chris got back from his sailing week and was straight back into it, pricking out 480 lettuces (2 different varieties) that I had been dutifully watering.

Not much time for too much else apart from a lot of harvesting: 25kg beetroot (annoyingly there’s about another 25+kg we had to discard as destroyed by mice, infuriating!), 6 cauliflowers (a couple had bolted but there’s more to come), 3kg cherry tomatoes, 7kg heirloom tomatoes, 3kg vine tomatoes, 8.5kg courgettes, 3.8kg cucumbers, 15kg leeks, 3 kg marrows, 13kg patty pan.

The cauliflowers are super exciting as we’d never grown them before and they look amazing. Doing the numbers though, they take so long to grow that it means the bed doesn’t actually make much money compared to others with quicker growing crops we can harvest and then re-plant. Very hard to make money! Makes you think about the farmers who specialise in growing cauliflowers. Still, they are an amazing veg so we’re happy we’ve grown them.

Next week the boxes will (with the exception of carrots) only contain veg and fruit from Prion and Bryn Cocyn, that doesn’t happen very often!

Rosie is back in next week – hurrah, we’ve missed her – she had an amazing sailing trip though, bringing back cider, onions and salt from France. Follow their adventures on Instagram here – ‘Celtic coasts sail and trade are a new Community Benefit Society, harnessing the power of the wind to transport goods around the coasts of Wales and beyond.’ Hopefully we’ll have some of the Roscoff onions for you in the next week or so. Always a treat.

In the kitchen:

There often doesn’t feel enough time in the day to think about preserving, and it can feel like a bit of a chore, but it has to be one of the most satisfying things when you do actually get round to using up things that you know will taste so good later in the year. once I’ve actually started the process I really enjoy it, just need to make the start. We’ve had so many plums (Victoria and Denbigh) I’ve made some plum jam – burnt the 1st batch argh, never done that before, think some sugar got stuck to the bottom of the pan, rookie error – blackberry jam and aubergine pickle, but lots more to do. Want to try this courgette chutney.

I’ve not tried beetroot gratin before but here’s a recipe to give it a go.

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