Our Winter Salad is growing Well

in the Field

Exciting that our winter salad is growing well, including spinach leaves. Chris has harvested 5kg already this week for the small boxes. More to come for the shop.

We’re planting new potatoes this week, although don’t have room for too many potatoes we always like to grow some. We’ll be hopefully be getting lots of new potatoes from Bryn Cochyn this year.

We also need to get sowing. On Chris’s list for this week is lettuce heads, mustards, onions, pak choi, peas for shoots, radish, salad leaves, spring greens. The field is completely sodden – where isn’t at the moment? – but fortunately apart from the potatoes we’ll be sowing into seed trays which will sit in our tiny cottage and become part of the furnuiture for a while!

In the Veg Boxes

Read here to find out what’s in the boxes this week and next.

The squash we’d ordered for the small boxes didn’t come in so we had to replace with parsnips in a lot of the boxes.

No leafy greens in the regular boxes which isn’t ideal but there just isn’t much around at the moment at a price we can afford to get into the boxes. Purple sprouting broccoli in next week if all goes to plan.

in the Shop

We had a huge 2 mornings in the shop last week, as ever we’re so grateful for the support. Please keep sharing the word about the shop and market to help us with our advertising and making sure people know about us – an ongoing and huge task! Getting people’s attention seems increasingly tricky – I know that as a consumer myself I’m trying to avoid getting sucked in to social media so totally support others doing the same but it does make it harder to get the word out.

If you visited us last week you will have met the lovely Emma (who is a very talented illustrator – you can follow her here). We’ll be getting Rosie back to the field soon – plus she’s away for a holiday in March – and the shop is too busy these days for one person to be there on their own so we’re very lucky to have Emma joining our little team. I’m planning to get everyone to introduce themselves at some point soon so you know a little about who’s who.

Excting news too – Tony from Surdeig bakery will be starting a pop-up shop at ours from Friday 8th March onwards. You then have the opportunity to buy a range of his products directly from him on a weekly basis (not just at the market). We’ll be talking about this more nearer the time but you can then order directly from him and also get your bits from us at the same time!

Read here if you want to find out more about what’s in the shop this week. New in – purple sprouting broccoli (sorry, got this wrong – they’re kalettes! still yum) and Jerusalem artichokes, both have a short season so come in and get while you can. We’ve also got a few kg of Seville oranges left if anyone wants to make more (can never have too much marmalade!?) or is still to make some.

The citrus fruit from Spain is amazingly tasty at the moment

In the Kitchen

  • Here’s a new recipe book that’s been recommended
  • A podcast from a foraging chef whose passion is working with wild foods
  • Here’s the lemon rice recipe I mentioned to a few of you in the shop the other week – it’s so easy and quick, but don’t come to us for lemons this week as we’re low (wait till next week!)

A take-away thought from our weekend away with family (group of 10) in case it inspires any of you….

  • We took with us 2 x tray bake meals (lasagne and pie). Both of these were from one of our customers who does amazing takeaway meals once a month during autumn/winter – she’s a farmer. Find out more here or email her cookedbycaroline@gmail.com. The house we rented actually had an AGA – having these just made it so easy and stress-free having these to rely on
  • We then just cooked loads of our veg to have on the side, plus salad to go with the lasagne. Having the veg there meant we could easily whip up a soup or extra food without having to go to any shops (there weren’t any very local). It meant we knew we weren’t just eating lots of processed stuff which is so tempting when you’re away and want to make life easy. Making jacket potatoes / mash or steaming broccoli is an easy job when the main meal is already sorted.
  • We’d definitely do this again in the future – it also meant we didn’t feel the need to go out for a meal which I suspect may have happened had we taken lots of pre-packaged stuff.
  • The added bonus was that at the end of 3 days we had a very small amount of rubbish (and a hugh amount of compost scraps!).