More Pesky Rabbits in the Veg field!

In the Field:

Chris has been doing a lot of examining of rabbit holes! It’s quite stressful knowing they are about and not knowing what damage they have done overnight. Fortunately so far they have nibbled lettuce leaves but not destroyed whole lettuces. Total devastation has been avoided so far.

Sowed more beetroot, lettuce, kohlrabi. Strung up half the tomatoes, planted out all the courgettes and patty pan squash.

We had raspbeerries growing among the rhubarb plants, which we’ve cleared.

Harvested: chard (9kg), kale (9kg), 50 lettuces, 5 spring greens, strawberries (1kg).

In the Kitchen:

This beetroot salad with lentils and feta looks amazing – Riverford recipe here.

Don’t forget you can throw chard leaves into so many things and it just wilts, I added yesterday to a sausage risotto.

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