Plenty of Peas – hurrah

In the field:

The wet weather is helping everything outside, but the cool weather is slowing the growth. Our courgette plants outside need a bit of heat to get them going. The tomatoes are looking good, we’ve got a lot of fruit, but need a blast of sunshine and heat.

Harvesting: beetroot, kale, chard, courgettes, peas…these are our most successful peas we’ve grown so far (this is our 5th growing season!), and that’s despite a fair few plants being nibbled and destroyed by creatures wanting a snack. So that has made us happy! Need to focus on the wins 🙂 Although harvesting them is quite time-consuming….

Lots of peas in the shop this week if you want to get your hands on some – they are amazing.

Continuing to plan for winter and spring crops, and will be sowing those imminently! Eek.

Hopefully we’re getting the roof on the compost bins tomorrow and we’re already excited about getting those bins filled. Generating our own compost – a la Charles Dowding – has been a goal for a while so this is really a big thing for us. Is a compost system opening ceremony a thing? We might have to get some ribbon and scissors ready for the grand unveiling.

In the kitchen:

We’ve been loving the Merchant Gourmet rice pouches (no upf) tossed with roasted vveg and harissa – such an easy and tasty lunch that keeps us going through delivery day! We don’t sell the Merchant Gourmet pouches but am starting to think we should, as they are becoming a staple for us and that’s the basis of what we stock!

We’re struggling to get through our carrots at the moment, not sure why, so thought would do a few recipes to encourage us as well as you guys!

  • Riverford’s carrot tips are here.
  • And this is an article from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 13 years ago! – time for a refresh I think, has the humble carrot been forgotten?
  • There’s also a good recipe here for a carrot curry – going to do this
  • And a carrot and kohlrabi coleslaw recipe here

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