Saying ‘so long’ to September

In the field:

Chris pricked out loads (a technical term!) of salad and onions last week before he left to go away. Always get more done when you know you don’t have much time!

He and Rosie had a fab time on the market gardener course down in Cornwall, and he’s come back with lots of ideas (not sure he needed any more), although since he got back at 2am this morning we’ve not had much chance to chat about it all. More to come on this and what he learned once we’ve had a chance to write it down.

Whilst they were away, I was confronting the slugs and snails that are loving the damp weather, and harvesting kale, tomatoes, and runner beans. Also the last of the courgettes and the cucumbers. Our fab volunteer Jenny also did her weekly weeding session which we’re always very grateful for.

In the kitchen:

This looks like a super simple way to use squash. Reckon sliced pink onions (in the regular boxes this week) would be a good sub for spring onions. Love a bit of lime pickle too.

Also Meera Sodha and also squash / pumpkin I fancy trying this recipe too.

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