Serious seed planning

Chris has bought the Charles Dowding no dig sowing calendar – this is big, he never buys anything for himself! – which is super detailed about when to plant what. It’s crazy how much difference a few days can make when the days are shorter. The great thing about Charles Dowding is he does so many experiements – so he compares onions grown one week apart and can see the difference. Chris is busy busy plotting, scheming and adding all the dates from the paper calendar into his Google calendar (official VEG geek oh yes).

We aren’t talking about the weather but spare a thought for him delivering this morning, it’s pretty horrible (I thought it was bad yesterday but today is up a notch).

In the field:

Weeding, harvesting in the rain – leeks, runner beans, beetroot, kale, chard, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, patty pan squash, lettuces, rocket. Still lots going on but some crops starting to very visibly slow down and the cucumbers & runner beans definitely coming to an end.

In the kitchen:

A sniffle in the house this week along with a bit of a Pentrefelin milk excess has led us to make turmeric milk with our fresh turmeric – wow, so tasty. Here’s a recipe.

We’re really missioning trying to get through the veg box at the moment, think the combination of summer and autumn veg is foxing me – one minute we’re eating tomato and rocket salad, the next a hearty soup. All so tasty though.

No new recipes to share this week, although I made a simpler version of this Jamie Oliver casserole (didn’t use black olive tapenade or mushrooms, and cooked on stove top not in oven) and it was fab. Note that this recipe is for 12 people!