Some sun and some seedlings

in the Field

Well we’ve finally seen some sun and we’ve already got lots of seedlings growing well. It’s amazing how fast the greenhouse fills up. It’s exciting / daunting all at once!

He spent Friday shifting A LOT of muck – and was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t suffer as much as he thought he would after a winter of relative ease. Shifting tonnes of veg each week probably helps!

Here’s a couple of video updates from the man in the muck! (not ‘the man in the arena’*). Appreciate there’s not much on our You Tube channel at the moment but we’re hoping to change that – having followers might just give us the motivation! So if you can follow us (or is it subscribe?) on You Tube please do.

*Amazing poem by Roosevelt which actually is very apt for Chris and his approach to life.

In the Shop

MILK – We’ve got the first of the Pentrefelin milk back in this week. We’ve missed this!

FLOWERS – Meinir has some of her lovely tulips she’s bringing in on Thursday – think twice before buying flowers from overseas when you could buy British (and even better, local!)

NEW STOCK- A few new things in from Organic North, including capers, rice, wholegrain mustard and gherkins. We’ve also got organic cider vinegr with the mother. We need to add these bits onto OOOOBY too.

PRODUCE – Plenty in this week but we’re already starting to look ahead to the notorious Hungry Gap which is fast approaching – this is the time when there is very little, if any, UK produce. Fingers crossed for a short gap this year that passes quickly. Here’s a list of what’s in this week.

In the Boxes

When you login into OOOOBY you should be able to see what is in this week and next week’s box. Remember these lists are not set in stone – if you do have a different item it’s not because we’ve made a mistake but because we’re juggling stock when we’re packing the boxes. We want to make sure we’re minimising waste and maximising quality. We order for the boxes so far in advance we have to reasssess at the time of packing, especially if we have produce from the field that needs harvesting earlier than we expected.

In the Kitchen

Here’s another lemon recipe from Anna Jones – this looks fab. You can also see her cooking it in this video. The more I use lemons, the more I wonder how I ever survived without them in the kitchen. It’s definitely one of the things that I get slightly panicky about if I run out! (And yes, all our lemons are organic and unwaxed).

We had an amazing meal out last weekend (part of the ongoing birthday celebrations!) and really enjoyed it. Loved spotting the UK veg – including kale flowers and salsify. However, as good as it was, it actually also made us realise how well we eat at home. We feel so lucky to be able to eat such great produce every single day, and know that’s how many of you feel too as you tell us! Whether people buy from us or another veg box / local veg business, it doesn’t matter – if we’re supporting the UK veg growers then we’re winning as they will continue farming if they know they can sell what they grow.