St David’s Day – Spring has Sprung

So we’ve had St David’s Day (Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant) and so Spring has sprung – officially. And we’ve had some blue skies to show for it. Missed the Northern Lights show at the weekend though, anyone else catch it?

In the field

  • We’ve been harvesting a lot of salad and spinach
  • Sowing beetroot, lettuce for heads, spinach, spring onions
  • Sown a week ago and germinating nicely – spring greens, onions, lettuces

In the Shop

Despite selling out of lots of things at the market we are pretty well stocked this week. See here what we’ve got in. We’ve bought a lot of store cupboard stock so topped up on everything other than local honey (this is limited now until later in the year).

News for this week – Tony from Surdeig (the bread guy from the market) is going to try doing a pop-up from our shop 10-12 on a Friday. He’s taking orders for a range of bread plus pastries. If you’re interested but don’t know what the choice is, come along and chat to him on Friday and order for future weeks. If you know what you want, send him a message with your order. His email is surdeigbakery@gmail.com but he’s also on Instagram.

In the Kitchen

Evening meal conundrums

Last night, I just couldn’t work out what to cook, it had been a long day and I was being hassled by a hungry child and a playful dog with her toy! The clock was ticking and I just needed to make food happen. I know without a doubt that had there been an easy pre-made ‘convenient’ option (eg pizza in the freezer) I would have taken it. And yet, somehow pasta and kale* felt like a cop-out as we’d had pasta the night before.

(*a favourite in our house – kale sauteed with lemon juice, olive oil and salt, with optional parmesan and chilli flakes, honestly, try it before you knock it!)

It was an interesting realisation that choosing a processed / convenience option somehow felt more permissable than cooking something from scratch that happened to have the same carb as the previous day. I need to think about this some more, but off the top of my head I wonder if it’s a social norms type thing. Everyone at some point permits themselves the ‘convenience option’ so that somehow feels allowed. But if I’m going to actually bother to cook something I feel I need to make sure it’s tasty, and nutritiounally different to the night before.

In the end, we had pasta and kale and it was super tasty, and devoured by all. And so easy! I’m really glad we didn’t have an alternative processed option for me to reach for.

Beef shin stew

At the market on Sunday Chris asked the meat guys (Beeches) what the cut of meat was they were likely to struggle to sell. They said beef shin is a hard first sell but once someone has tried it they tend to come back for more. Plus it’s not a common cut from the butcher. So we had shin slow cooked on Sunday with mashed potato. Wow, it was melt in your mouth good. We’re still eating it now, adding it to a veg soup we’d made so it became a stew.

Nant y Felin

To celebrate Chris’s birthday – and coinciding with the end of a mammoth week- we went to Nant y Felin. As always, amazingly tasty food and every bit of it made by Rob and his team – even down to the crackers that come on the cheese plate.

Worth going just for the cheeseboard and crackers! 😉

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