Starting October with a bang

In the field:

  • A lot of weeding
  • A lot of harvesting – leeks, chard, tomatoes, beans, beetroot, a few courgettes, last of the cucumbers
  • Planted out 400 lettuces and planted out kale in polytunnel
  • Pruned tomates right back leaving a small number of fruit left to ripen (green tomatoes in shop this week!)
  • Turned the compost – it’s looking really good

We’ve committed to buying in a lot of muck this next year – realised we really need to add to our soil to maximise what we grow. So, spending money mostly on s^it and software, haha!

In the kitchen:

Been craving Indian food this week, and although love Meera Sodha recipe I really like an online recipe resource called Swasthi’s recipes. Having spent some time in India, these meals seems authentic but also simple – win/win. Here’s two we made this week, chana masala and tomato rice. Recommend both.