Starting to Feel like Autumn

In the field:

  • Harvested courgettes and patty pan in polytunnel then pulled up plants and added to compost heap. In their place we planted lettuces for over wintering plus saladini (for winter)
  • Cleared the peas, leaving all their roots in the soil because they are amazing nitrogen fixers
  • Sown spinach
  • Pinched out tops of tomatoes and removed most of leaves to encourage the fruit that’s there to ripen
  • Rosie has done a huge amount of weeding!
  • A lot of harvesting – tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, patty pan, rocket, leeks, runner beans, onions (these look really good)
  • The remaining cauliflowers have unfortunately gone to seed, but hopefully Chris hasn’t been put off growing another bed of these next year as they were good!
  • Tidied up the greenhouse….that’s an autumn-y job if ever there was one! This gorwing season seems to have whizzed by quicker than ever. I wonder if this is just because we’re doing more with the business and getting busier, or just a function of how the weather was this year.

In the kitchen:

Someone in the shop recommended patty pan risotto so we made this last night and it was fab – especially with some UK celery and leeks as the base. No recipe, just roasted the patty pan and addded to a normal risotto towards the end. If you haven’t tried the veg stock we have in the shop we highly recommend, it really adds something to a meal and lasts a long time. By far the best non-homemade stock I’ve used and worth a try.

In the shop this week we have salsify – we’ve stocked this for the past couple of years and the season is just starting now. We always have people wondering what it is is but customers who’ve tried it have been positive. Here’s some info from Riverford.

Finally, another tip from the shop last week re cooking sweetcorn on the bbq (in case there’s opportunity for another bbq amongst the rain – apparently you need to peel back the leaves, remove all the stringy bits, then re-cover the cob with the leaves and soak in water for 10 mins or so. Then when you put the cob on the bbq it cooks in the leaves (which are damp). I’ve not tried it but it sounds good to me! If you want to blacken a bit at the end, you can just remove the leaves for the last few minutes. Then of course slaver in butter…