Still wet and Still muddy

In the field:

Not a lot of news! Harvesting (chard and salad this week, plus swede and kale for the shop last week), weeding, and general tidying. It’s all a bit of a quagmire, than goodness for the wood chip we’ve been putting down. We’ve still got leeks, salad, kale, chard, some sprouts, also spinach (might have some in the shop this week) but that’s basically it for us over the winter months.

Chris happy with his swede he harvested last week! Not a mouse nibble in sight. Funnily enough as I was writing this a photo came up on my phone this morning which is Chris on this day last year celebrating his swede harvest!…obviously he’s good at growing swede! (and clearly loves that shirt!)



In the kitchen:

Made lime pickle this week, been waiting for months for us to have limes in. Typically, the recipe I ended up using was actually for lemons – which I have all year round! So there was no need for me to wait for limes.  Anyway I used up the limes and it’s a fab pickle so will be making again with lemons next time! It’s from her book Fresh India (and I can’t find it online to share, sorry), but I suspect any of her books would be fab, I love her recipes.

Another thing I keep meaning to make is crackers (yummy with our blue cheese!) – and here’s a recipe from Anna Jones I’m going to try.

For whatever reason, jacket potatoes don’t seem to be top of mind for us at the moment but we did a great topping yesterday (inspired by Anna Jones) with black beans, a tomato and chilli sauce and some leeks, chard and palermo peppers sauteed and thrown in too. Cheese on top, obvs. Very tasty and filling, must do more often!

If you buy or get a celeriac with tops in your box then as our wholesaler reminded us you can use the celeriac however you are going to, then you get some bonus celery for your soups & stews and can use the leaves on top of other meals as you would parsley. Or even dry the leaves for flavouring stocks & soups through Winter. Zero waste!

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