Strawberries are Looking Good!

In the field:

Everything crossed for a good strawberry crop this year, finally. The strawberries are looking good at the moment with lots of flowers. We haven’t had much luck in the past with strawberries so hoping we can get enough to sell some this year,

Chris is away for a few days and I made the – sensible, surely? – decision not to spend every hour of the bank holiday weekend working in the field. I have of course been up and down a lot to check on everything and water, and often when I’m there it’s easy to suddenly find you’re lost an hour ‘doing a bit of weeding’. Such a lovely peaceful place to be though. The dream is to have an electric bike to get back and forth more quickly and easily, it’s quite a hill to get home.

I was originally supposed to go away with Chris and Charlotte but we made the decision a few weeks ago that life would be a lot less stressful if I stayed here! And I’m glad I did – with all this scorching sunshine, being able to pop down and check on the seedlings just gives peace of mind and I know Chris can enjoy his break much more as a result (also, it’s remarkably peaceful at home and have managed to get lots done, so win-win). One of the things we’d like to be able to do in the future is have a break as a family during the growing season but we’re not there yet. And Chris will be telling all his friends at the sailing event that this is the reality of the food they eat – all their fresh produce has been grown by a farmer who has to look after their plants 24/7 (and same with livestock)….it’s not a part-time gig!

Harvesting this week – chard for the boxes, and some broad beans for the shop (these are just starting to come good but not been as successful as we were hoping).

Rosie has been doing a lot of watering and also planting out more of the seedlings but I’m not across exactly what other than leeks! She spotted today that something (with floppy ears maybe???!? who knows) has been nibbling the tops of the pea seedlings, argh, she’s put some netting around them now (the plants not the creatures!) so hopefully they’ll recover and give us lots of peas.

In the kitchen:

Here’s a secret ingredient super simple pasta salad recipe from Anna Jones. I made this earlier in the week and it’s fab, didn’t have any fresh tomatoes so just used a tin of our plum tomatoes and it worked well. Will definitely be making this again.

And here’s a Deliciously Ella recipe that I haven’t tried yet but is a good Hungry Gap one and looks v easy and tasty. She also has another one with orzo that’s essentually ratatouille baked in the oven without the tomatoes, then you add tomatoes with the orzo, some miso paste and tahini then put back in the oven for a bit. I could only find the recipe on Instagram here.

The wonderful Sarah who helps us every week with box packing (don’t know what we’d do without her, she’s a legend) has recommended this Meera Sodha recipe too now that we finally have some new potatoes to work with.

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