Sunny September

In the field:

As we mentioned last week, Rosie is back from her salty sea dog adventures – hooray – and already making a difference. We have been staying on top of harvesting – leeks, runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, kale, cucumbers, Patty Pan squash, cauliflowers.. quite a lot! We’ve also been doing a lot of weeding in the intense heat.

Once the heat gets too much we move into the potting shed where we have been pricking out lettuces for the winter and also cavalo nero.

We’re about to pull up the indoor courgettes and patty pan and sow all the winter salad mustards which is exciting –  we’ve managed some good crops from these plants and hope to give the salads a good head-start before the nights get long and cool down.

We’ve also got to think about what worked well this season and what we want to repeat/do differently next year. One thing we do know, we need to grow more beans!

In the kitchen:

If you’re over-run with courgettes, try this courgette chutney – am planning to make some. Am also going to try pickling some of those amazing padron peppers from Bryn Cocyn.

Also here’s a recipe for stuffed patty pan squash – a few people have talked in the shop about doing similar.

If you’ve never tried Bircher muesli, give it a go (we sell Pimhill organic oats, jumbo oats and muesli which are all fab) – here’s a few ideas.

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