Sunshine After the Rain

In the field:

We seemed to survive the rain ok last week, although when Chris harvested on Friday for the shop the paths were underwater and it’s so muddy underfoot you end up taking half the field away with you on your boots. Feeling for all the farmers who have had so much damaged and lost in all that water, with fields turned into lakes.

We’ve managed to find a source of wood-chip and had a lot more chip delivered this week which is brilliant. Rosie has been doing an amazing job of clearing big weed beds that have appeared on our fence borders and has been getting the wood chip doewn nice and thick so hopefully that will keep some of the weeds back.

We’re still harvesting, though that is starting to slow down considerably this week. We’ve harvested 9kg of kale, 13kg of chard, 20kg of leeks and about 5kg of tomatoes so far!.  We’ve still got lots of salad leaves to harvest -these taste so fresh and have been really popular in the shop.

We’ve now got all our seedlings from summer into the polytunnel so hopefully there won’t be too many more losses to nibbling critters! The tomatoes are just about hanging on but they are now fully undersown with spiinach, kale, salad and broad-beans. We’ll likely cut them down late next week or the week after the market. We can’t buy UK tomatoes now so sadly that’s it until May unless we buy imported ones.

In the kitchen:

This lemon rice recipe didn’t really help use up any veg box items but was so tasty and easy to make.

This week’s regular box has the red cabbage and leek you need for Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s red cabbage biryani – recommend using your own spices rather than using curry paste, definitely better.

Here’s some celeriac inspirarion from Riverford if you need it.

This Anna Jones recipe also caught my eye – not tried it yet – baked dal with glazed sweet potato.