Little helpers and Offa's Dyke

Enlli was fab, and we finished our mini time out with a bit of a run (14 or so miles?) along Offa's Dyke - what a stunning bit of countryside, we're so lucky - and we're feeling well rested and ready (I think?) for what May has to throw at us!! In the field: Everyone was put to work to make up for a few days off last week! Little hands are getting more helpful each growing season :) It's all hotting up in the more particular order, we've planted out 3 beds of kale

Easter chocolate and salads

Happy Easter / Pasg hapus, hope everyone managed a bit of rest and maybe a bit of chocolate too. A short-ish and early note this week as we're off to Ynys Enlli for 3 days (been on the bucket list for a while so very excited). We're getting help with watering which we're very grateful for, and Rosie will be in the shop so we'll be open Thursday and Friday as normal. We won't be checking emails this week so if you contact us we won't see it. If you can avoid sending emails unt

Rainy walks and motorbiking yoga gurus

It's been a bit all over the place weather-wise and we keep getting wet taking the dog out but the seedlings are doing well and that's the main thing! Chris spoke at the North Wales Cottage Garden Society meeting on Monday evening, had lots of questions and enjoyed telling them about a bit us and what we've learned in the past few years of growing veg. The shop is only open on Thursday this week (we're closed Good Friday). In the field Outside, just prepping beds and weeding.

Nettle soup and sprouting potatoes (yep it's hungry gap time)

Thank you so much for all the kind words about our the untimely end of our van, it's really appreciated! The amazing harvest from the field this week helped us feel a bit better. We were worried we wouldn't have enough for the boxes but we were pretty much spot on, so satisfying. We're ready for the Hungry Gap - that time of year when UK veg (and fruit) just disappears and we're just waiting for the new crops to come through. Time to use up anything we have in the freezer and

Daffodils and flowering brassicas

Lovely daffs planted amongst our rhubarb in the field! Temperature today feels a bit more like it should in March, but we have really enjoyed the last couple of weeks of warm sunny weather, just felt much needed for the soul. And we saved a bit of ££ on electricity not having to use the hot bed in the green house! Which helps off-set (well, not really, but let's try to be optmistic) the demise of our van. Yep, the 'new' van which we got last Autumn, verdict from our well-trus

Sunny days and van stresses

Wow, this sunshine all feels a little surreal but also very welcome. Can't believe how much watering we're already having to do! But wearing shorts does feel very good, and the lambs look very content in the sun. We had a bit of a stressful Tuesday as the (new) van broke down - potentially terminal, still waiting for verdict from garage - fortunately the old trusty small van was ready and waiting but it has made the week a little less straightforward. We have various conting

Seeds, seeds, seeds

Not too much to tell today, but hoping that everyone staying safe and not spending every waking hour consumed by the news. The spring lambs are coming thick and fast around Prion and help to keep us cheery. Unfortunately, just because we need more doom and gloom, we've been told there's now an indefinite national strike by self-employed trucky drivers and small hauliers in Spain which is something that could rumble on for some time (not unionised, and the main transport union

We've started sowing!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the new shop last Friday. Look forward to seeing you Thurs or Fri this week 10-1. Purple sprouting broccoli looking good! The boxes are still our main priority for the business (it's only with the veg box subscriptions that we know how much to grow) and so far so good with our new plan for picking up veg from Manchester, the trip went well and the rearranged box deliveries went relatively smoothly... feels strange being a day ahead of o

Spring has sprung

Well we made it back safe from a brilliant week away and ready to get going with everything that needs to happen next in the world of veg - which seems to be pretty much the best world to be in at the moment given all that is happening. Massive thanks to Rosie for holding the fort and enabing us to get a week off whilst we can before the growing starts. As with any small business, we're really conscious of making sure we take time out when we can but this is only possible if

Holiday vibes

A very quick one this week - just to remind you that we're still here! Hopefully box deliveries have gone to plan and you're all enjoying your veg. (And Rosie can heave a sigh of relief and take a well deserved pat on the back, what would we do without her!). If you want to contact us about anything, we'll probably not start to respond to emails until Tuesday next week at the earliest so don't worry if there's a delayed response. The shop isn't open this week as we're away, a

Stormy weather

Hope everyone stays safe over the next few days, we really don't like strong winds! Living in Prion perhaps not the wisest choice....! Thank you so much for all the support and words of encouragement we've been getting about our move and what we're up to. The last day we are in the shop on Mount Pleasant is this Friday 18th - we are closed next Friday 25th.We re-open onFriday 4th March in our new unit on the Colomendy here. Not much happening in the field in this weather! A b

Sailing on the high seas

We open the new shop on Friday 4th March here. The last day we are in the shop on Mount Pleasant is next Friday 18th Feb - we are closed on Friday 25th Feb. The photo is a bit of a throw-back that just popped up on Google: 6 years ago pretty much to the day, when Chris was teaching kids to sail in Sydney rather than growing and delivering veg in N Wales! Bit of a contrast but one we're very happy with, believe it or not! Our bulk load of compost arrived this week - and on a

First snowdrops

First snowdrops spotted in Prion this week. Such small flowers but so full of hope and promise. Speaking of which, we're finally in a position to give you a bit of news on what we've been up to behind the scenes here at The Vale Grocer. Have a read here if you want to know a bit more but if you don't make it to the detail here's a summary: We've moved our box packing to the Colomendy industrial estate (where Motorworld used to be) We'll be moving the shop to the same place fr

Marmalade and orange curd

Not much to report this week. We're doing some changes our end with the box packing which will mean some minor changes to delivery times in the future but we'll let you know about those if you're affected and it's unlikely to be before March. We've been doing a bit of weeding and tidying, and much planning! We've got some compost (a lot of it) on it's way for us to top up as many of the beds as we can, so wheelbarrows and arm muscles are at the ready. Eat Your Greens veg boxe

If in doubt, add cheese

We're rattling through January at breakneck speed! Lots going on and a few changes in the pipeline but know we always talk about things way too early (still haven't got the card machine working at the shop!) so won't share too much at this point, but we'll keep you posted. We were really excited to have someone come in this week to give us some advice on how to pack / operate the boxes a bit more efficiently - he happens to live locally but for some years was in charge of Ope

Grocery wars and potato hash

Bore da, hope everyone able to at least acknowledge the incredible sunshine today even if you can't get out in it. I realised last week I didn't say thank you for the gifts and cards that we received for Christmas from so many customers - we obviously don't expect these but really do appreciate them, and so many lovely words of support in the cards. We may not get back to you individually to say thank you, but please know every single one was greatfully received. And all cons