New potatoes and new helpers

We're feeling a little bit deflated this week on the veg front, but it's the tough weeks that make the better ones so good! Once again, we're underwhelmed by the produce at this time of year - probably as bad as we've ever had it because of the Brexit knock-on effect (the gift that keeps on giving). Whilst we used to buy from indivudual farms in Europe during the UK hungry gap, those farms can't manage the extra rules and paperwork now in place so the produce goes through a

Crofting and baby leeks

It's been a warm start to the week - along with the burst of torrential rain! - making working in the field just that little bit more intense and tiring! But we've got lots done and we're feeling happy with progress. Reading a book at the moment (Divide by Anna Jones) about the relationship between town and city. The author's father is a farmer and the way she talks about her life as a child on the farm highlighted to me that running this business we too are farmers, it's jus

Asparagus ferns and inter-planting tomatoes

Half-way through May. Strawberries are starting to ripen and we had our first few broad beans from the tunnel last week in the shop, exciting times. It's always slightly surreal when we leave the world of veg and veg boxes and tap back into the world of dinghy sailing which is where Chris spent a good part of his life pre/during/post university. This weekend we sailed together (thank you Natalie for watering!) in an amazing event called the Wilson Trophy which is held in West

Chester cauliflowers and lime pickle

We had a thoroughly lovely weekend of impromptu catch ups with a few local friends and neighbours - we may not live in a big city with a big choice of venues but it's about the people we connect with in our own little communities that really matters, not where we meet them or what we're wearing when we do (inevitably something covered in soil if it's us). Ordering is starting to become really really tough. There just isn't much for us to choose from and we want to avoid givin

Amazing support over Christmas

So, a massive thank you to everyone for your support over 2021 - we are constantly blown away by the feedback we get on the veg and the boxes and LOVE that we are making a very small dent in the local supermarket veg sales. The pic below is just some of the veg that was pre-ordered from the shop - Chris absolutely nailed the order and got quantities pretty much spot on which was a big relief! We have lots of ideas and plans for 2022, but ultimately our focus is on getting you

Week 50: What's happening

After a bit of a disasterous episode of 2 flat batteries - one in each van, what are the chances!? - we've had a fairly successful week, managing to tick off quite a few things that have been bugging us for a while! Hopefully this bodes well for a bit of down-time over Christmas.....!?! Here's hoping. The pic is of our freshly harvested leeks in the new unit / packing room! We've got a lot of work to do to make the most of the space there is but it feels like we're on the rig

Week 49: What's happening

Sorry this is a bit later than normal, one of those days (topped off by dropping a box of eggs on the floor - argh). More stormy weather this week, we've had the stove working hard to keep us warm, although fortunately no power cuts for us. Hope everyone staying safe and warm. We packed yesterday's boxes in the new industrial unit which was fab - so much more space. A reminder about Christmas dates : BOXES W/c Mon 20th Dec Boxes delivered as normal Then no veg boxes delivere

Week 48: What's happening

Am sure some of you are still dealing with the after-effects of the storm last Friday - normally in Prion we are smashed by the wind, but the northerly direction actually meant we were slightly sheltered. We had some tarps blown about at the field but (fingers crossed) the polytunnels seem all ok. Hopefully none of you had too much damage and have power back if you lost it. We're not quite packing boxes in the new unit yet but hopefully can start next week once we have work b

Week 47: What's happening

All systems go at the moment (with cuppa in hand), we've finally got the keys to a unit in Denbigh which is a bit more accessible for unloading/loading the vegetables and fruit, and just gives us a bigger space to pack the boxes in. This is the 4th time we've moved our packing shed in the past 3 years so hopefully that's it for a while! It means we can hopefully now add another round as we have a bit of a waiting list. The shop is going to remain as it is for now, but by pack

Week 46: What's happening?

We've been making a lot of turmeric and ginger drinks at home this week - this turmeric milk is lovely - very excited to have organic fresh turmeric in the shop this week, have only ever used the powder before but the fresh stuff is GOOD (even if it could be used at Halloween as a fake hand). If you don't want yellow stained fingers (been there), apparently it's ok to not peel it. It's long been our intention to get an electric van, and Chris went to see one last week that wa

Week 45: What's happening

We're rattling through November, and the woolly jumpers are definitely back out of the cupboard. This weekend we've got a couple who are hoping to start a veg box business visiting the field to see what they can learn from our 3 years of doing what we're doing. They're just in the process of buying land and so at the very start of the journey, but hopefully we can give them some pointers. It's also looking very likely we'll have another local organic veg supplier soon which i

Week 44: What's happening

Hands up if you got drenched in some of the sudden showers yesterday - certainly kept us on our toes, fortunately the harvesting could all be done inside. We managed a lovely walk to Hilbre Island on Sunday (if you don't know where it is, look it up, well worth a visit but check the tides before you go) in beautiful sunshine and got back just before sky went black and it poured with rain. In the field...well it's less of a field, more of a bog at the moment! Harvested tomatoe

Week 43: What's happening

Wow, we are normally used to the wind living in Prion but it's been a pretty calm summer and so we've forgotten what it's like to be battered! Getting used to it again now, ready for winter! If you've not got yourself a pumpkin and want one for this weekend - get a locally grown from Cae Derw (Llanrhaedr), also being sold at Y Ty Gwrydd on Back Row. Chris has done a video update this week from the relative shelter of the polytunnel - here it is if you want to watch. As any of

Week 42: What's happening

So beautiful to see the leaves suddenly changing colour - it seems to happen in the course of a just a few days. Nature never fails to amaze. Our polytunnel is changing with the seasons too - already looks so different from a couple of weeks ago. In the field, we've been weeding and generally tidying up (including greenhouse). Also dodging the rain - the field is starting to get muddy! Received 100 or so strawberry plants for next spring. About to plant out last of Winter cro

Week 41: What's happening

Many thanks for all the lovely feedback we're getting on the veg at the moment, the boxes are definitely looking pretty good! We managed to get to Snowdonia last weekend in the caravan for a bit of hiking and relaxing which was fab, and Chris managed to cajole a complete stranger into getting his kit off and jumping in one of the lakes on the Miner's Track by just saying a few words as we passed...! Very entertaining, especially as Chris had no intention himself of going in.

Week 40: What's happening

So lovely to see lots of our customers at the Denbigh Plum Feast on Saturday, have to say my voice is still suffering as a result of 6 hours talking!! So hard with face masks too. Chris's big tomatoes went down very well, makes it worth all the effort that went into them! In the field we've mainly been dodging the crazy rain, and doing a lot of harvesting. Eat Your Greens veg boxes: Small boxes have got butternut squash - wouldn't normally buy butternut as we prefer the other

Week 39: What's happening

We are already missing those still evenings from earlier in the week as the wind kicks in! We had a bbq late into the evening the other night, and not a breath of wind (very unusual in Prion!). Always lovely to be able to enjoy the light evenings whilst we still have them. A little note from our wholesalers (Organic North) which made us smile, although clearly it's not really laughable stuff.... 'On the national crisis wheel of fortune this week, it’s the turn of fuel supplie

Week 38: What's happening

Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather, a couple of people this week have said September is their favourite month and I'm starting to think I might agree with them! In the field, we're transitioning from summer to autumn/winter in the poly tunnels - removed courgettes and patty pan and planted out nearly 200 lettuces! Removed most of the leaves from the tomatoes and snipped the tops - looked like a bit of a tomato massacre leaving cascades of green tomatoes hanging fr

Week 37: What's happening

We've been feeling the change of season this past week - it's really starting to look and feel autumnal, despite the lovely sunshine over the last day or so. In one way it's a relief as we know things calm down a bit from a growing perspective, but in another we're suddenly feeling like there's lots to do before we fully move into the next season! Think we might just have to get used to that feeling, suspect it never actually goes away.....! This month it's Organic September

Week 36: What's happening

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine this week - the polytunnels were not a good place to be, we've been going out early and trying to get stuff done before it gets too toasty. Not a bad problem to have though, especially when we're still waiting expectantly for some of our rather large beef tomatoes to ripen. Chris has managed to do a video update this week where he shows you round the field. I'm going to say 10/10 for enthusiasm, perhaps a little less for video qualit