Week 30: What's happening

As I write this, our 5 year old is leaping about 'being a gymnast / hockey player / diver' having watched some of the amazing Olympic action. A bit of an Olympic throwback factoid for you - Chris was lucky enough to coach the UK Youth Olympic sailing team to Gold when the 2006 Youth Olympics took place in Sydney which was a pretty amazing experience. Spot the sporting hero he was over the moon to meet whilst there and is next to him in the 1st pic (Clue: he coached the Englis

Week 29: What's happening

Hope everyone is managing to stay cool and find shady spots. Seriously warm. Chris has been holding the fort whilst we visited family, but he has everything under control (!), as you can see in his video below, despite the need for constant watering. He went on a mini adventure last weekend up the Carneddau so it wasn't all work and no play. We managed to freeze the last of the broad beans so looking forward to pulling those out later in the year when we've forgotten what the

Week 28: What's happening

School's nearly out - hope everyone with kids has a lovely summer holiday, and those without managed to avoid places with too many over-excited children!! Looks like we're going to get a bit of a heat wave over the weekend, so the veggies are going to need a lot of tlc. We've been harvesting our carrots this week - amazing that all the work that's gone into watering (daily), weeding and then harvesting them gives us a cost price of £1.50 per kg of carrots - that's before we m

Week 27: What's happening

Well we had our first weekend away together from the business since pre-Covid. That's a long time! It was really great to just be able to switch off and combined with seeing family we have very much missed over the past year or so and it was a great mid (?) season re-set. We managed to get out sailing, had dophins swimming on our bow and spotted a seal! - felt very lucky. Having lived overseas for a good few years, we feel grateful that as things re-open we can reconnect wit

Week 26: What's happening

We've had quite the week at home with various things happening all at once (scaffolding going all around the house, septic tank being worked on which involved most of garden being dug up...Chris had to shift about 1.5 tonne of rock whilst I was VERY busy elsewhere, haha), on top of all the normal veg duties. Normal veg duties this week have included: watering (lots of), weeding (ongoing - they really are loving this weather), more pea supports, removing the side shoots from t

Week 25: What's happening

We're just chugging along, can't quite believe the summer solstice has been and gone, how did that happen!? We have a dog, and we walk to/from the field most of the time so we get lots of walks but thought this article was a good reminder of the power of a daily walk - we could probably use ours a bit more effectively than we do. We've been glad for Rosie's return this week, and she said all the right things about our willow bean structures (given she's a professional basketm

Week 24: What's happening

It's been another great week on the growing front, we've both managed to put in a lot of hours at the field, and with a bit of help with some harvesting and weeding (you know who you are, and thank you!) we're pretty happy with what we've achieved. Welcome / croeso to our new customers, once again we are pretty much at capacity with the boxes, so do still let us know if you're interested in trying a box but it looks like we will have to start running a waiting list again. We

Week 23: What's happening

Well this sunshine is certainly giving us a bit of hope that we are finally going to get through the hungry gap! We can feel the scent of fresh summer veg in the air and fingers crossed there'll be new carrots in the boxes next week. We've been hard at the work in the field and catching up after both of us had some time away over half term. Just to bring us back to earth with a bump, you may have seen in the news that since Covid there has been an increased demand on haulage

Week 22:What's happening

A fairly brief note this week as I'm away visiting family - the M6 on a sweltering bank holiday Monday in a car with no air con and a 5 year old wasn't fun but it is very lovely to be seeing people we haven't seen for so very long. Back for the shop on Friday though, never fear ;) Chris has been holding the fort - after his sailing jaunt last weekend so don't feel too sorry for him - and has done a separate post about what's been happening in the field so you can check that o

Week 21: What's happening

It's been nice to feel a little bit of warmth and see some sun. No doubt before long we'll be doing another rain dance but for now this is lovely. We went for a little visit to the beautiful spot that is Cae Main orchard last weekend - Nigel and Marion have supplied most of our apples through the autumn and are responsible for the lovely apple juice we've been selling (they also make a mean cider, would have been rude not to sample it whilst there, obviously). So fab to see h

Week 20: What's happening

As I write this in my thick woolly jumper, under a blanket, with the rain and wind against the windows it definitely doesn't feel much like May. And yet there were moments yesterday of proper warmth when the sun came out. Definitely not a week for hanging washing on the line, as I've learnt, unless you want to do the sprint in and out every 5 minutes. Still, the hedgerows and bluebells look beautiful and the veg is growing - it is what it is! I know it seems there's a day fo

Week 19: What's happening

OK we'd quite like some warmth back now please. Just a little bit more sunshine would do us nicely. Hopefully we've had the last frost of the winter, but feels a bit like anything could happen at the moment - talk about 4 seasons in one day! We've been loving the rainbows though. We had a visit this week from someone who is hoping to set up a veg box business (near Wrexham) and wanted to see the nuts and bolts of how we operate. It's really exciting that we might be able to

Week 18: What's happening

Quick one this week as it's turned into a busy day. Hope everyone staying warm and dry - we're surviving and so is the veg ...so far!! Chris has done another update from the field here. Eat Your Greens veg boxes: Lettuces from Prion in the regular boxes, chard from Prion in the small boxes. We've had to discard a few lettuces because they were so covered in greenfly...quite frustrating when you've spent a few months growong a lovely lettuce only to lose it at the last minute

Week 17: What's happening

We've been enjoying all that sunshine but also definitely happy to finally have some rain. Everything was parched and needed regular and thorough watering. We managed to get away last weekend in our caravan - first trip! - which was so lovely. We didn't go far as needed to pop back to water the veg, but was a great little bit of time out. And we went further than this time last year when we pitched a tent in our neighbour's garden (camping a la lockdown #1!). Chris's update f

Week 16: What's happening

Well April seems to be jogging along nicely and this sunshine is lovely - kind of sums up the general mood as the Covid restrictions start to relax a little - but we actually could do with some rain. Just a bit, maybe over a few nights with lovely sunshine in between. Not too much to ask, surely?! Chris has written an update on all that's been going on in the field - have a read here, we're feeling quite proud and no wonder Chris is having a cheeky lie down in the new den he

Week 15: What's happening

We managed our walk last week - Cwm Idwal - absolutely stunning despite the icy wind and lack of sun! Feel beyond lucky to be living in such a beautiful country with mountains and lakes like that literally on our doorstep, and that we're able to get out there to explore. I had no idea that Cwm Idwal was an important place for Charles Darwin and helped him understand more about glaciation. Where would we be without Wales!? I've actually managed to do some work in the field thi

Week 14: What's happening

We're hoping to get out for a bit of a (well wrapped up) walk today so hope the rain /snow / arctic wind stays away. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend in that amazing sunshine...before the icy temps kicked in! Was a bit of a shock to the system. My Google photos reminded me that we had snow at this time in 2019 and 2018 so the fact it seems way too late to be this cold I think is based purely on how fab the weather was this time last year - memory bias is a facinating

Week 13: What's happening

Hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful sunshine. It's brilliant seeing all the green buds and shoots...Spring never ceases to amaze. The crazy winds weren't very helpful - meant we had to do emergency repairs to polytunnel - and know the warmth isn't here to stay but it's still good to have a taste of it. In the field we've got a leek experiment going on plus trying to stay on top of weeding (and maybe snacking on a few of those lovely radishes)....more here on what w

Week 12: What's happening

Well, fortunately we aren't relying on getting our veg through the Suez Canal ;) The van's been in for a service and we've had 2 flat tyres (!) in the past couple of weeks so fingers crossed we have a smooth season transport-wise, and no getting stuck in narrow places! Chris has done some fab work in the shop / packing space this week - we've set up some head-height shelves to help us pack more easily - less walking around, creating more space on the workbench. Also means we

Week 11: What's happening

Lambs everywhere at the moment, so lovely to see. Yesterday morning I was out with the dog and we saw a farmer and his dog grab a sheep and then pull out 2 lambs and move on as though it was the most natural thing in the world (which I guess it is to him!). At this time of year particularly I still have the wide-eyed fascination with lambing that only someone who grew up in a town could have! The Rebanks book I mentioned last week really helped me to understand the work put i