The veg sowing has started

In the Field

So the veg sowing has started, and we have seed trays perched on every suitable surface, including our log-burning stove. Yes, they do get in the way! ;) Good to hear from lots of others who do similar though with their seeds.

Chris hasn’t had much time or headspace for the field this week. He’s on a mission to get the new software sorted so he can move on to growing!

We’ve come across a source of a good amount of manure (a few trailer loads!) which is great news – not got it yet but fingers crossed that will work out.

in the boxes

Here’s a link to what’s in the boxes this week and what’s planned for next. We delivered the Tuesday afternoon boxes early this week so apologies if that caused any confusion. Also, those of you on the Wednesday morning round should know that the lettuces in your boxes were harvested by torch-light at 4am this morning (!) so Chris says if they don’t look as good as they might, that’s why.

in the Shop

We had another huge week in the shop, it feels like more and more new customers are finding us each week. Here’s a list of what’s in the shop this week. I realise this often isn’t totally accurate, despite my best efforts, but it does give an idea.

We’ve got lots of fennel in this week so please help us sell that. You can eat it raw, braised, fried, roasted. It’s great with sausages – here’s a simple Nigel Slater recipe.

Still no Pentrefelin milk in. We haven’t managed to get more of the Acorn Dairy butter this week as they had a product issue (how gutting for them) so we have some Calon Wen and hopefully Acorn back in next week. More sauerkraut and kimichi arriving today, plus – new stock – Loving Foods apple cider vinegar. Still waiting for capers, and also bags of organic rice.

We’re always keen to hear if there’s anything else you’d like to see in the shop. One thing we’re conscious of is that we don’t currently sell anything that’s highly processed (upf). This is something we’re really keen to continue and drive. Here’s an article I shared a few months ago on ways to reduce upf if you missed it.

With the new OOOOBY software you can add extras to your box much more easily, so you can still get things from the shop even if you can’t make it in. How you do this will become clear when you login to OOOOBY.

In the kitchen

We didn’t get a veg box last week as there were a few bits left from the shop that needed using up – peppers, courgettes, beetroot that weren’t good enough to sell but were too good to compost. I found it quite tricky not having a nice stack of go-to produce to give me inspiration – I’m definitely a veg box person!

I found a tin of really good sardines in the cupboard and made this recipe – replacing peas with spinach, snd fresh tomatoes with tinned. It was great, maybe didn’t even need the sardines if you use lots of lemon before eating, Good for leftovers too.

We also made a spicy soup with leftover roast veg which we’d added chorizo to – tasty! and a pasta sauce with aubergine and tomato, with sauteed courgette on the side.

Loving the winter salad – such a fresh taste, I find I get a bag out of the fridge with the intention of eating half and can’t help eating the lot. It keeps so well too in a bag in the fridge (or in salad spinner).