Tomato vs Salad – Who Wins?

In the field:

All change in the field … or nearly.  The cool wet Summer has meant that our yields are not quite as good as last year with our tomato yield just over half of what we had done by this time last year. That’s a big difference!

These past warm few days have left us with a quandary, the tomatoes are starting to ripen so the question is do we pull them out and get the winter salads in… or do we hold off. The answer is we try and do both! So far, we have removed a quarter of the tomato plants and sown winter salads in their place. We’ve covered them in a fleece to try and get them to germinate as quickly as possible and to make as much use of the shortening days. So the remaining plants get a reprieve for now but I suspect that next week we will remove the rest. So enjoy them whilst they are still here!

The bean, pea and cucumber structures have all been taken down  and the beds cleared. The aim is to get these harrowed and prepared before winter whilst we can still get our walking tractor on without getting stuck in the mud! The joys of working a heavy soil.

We also had a delivery of chippings – not the best as it was mainly leylandi, but will be great for our main paths which would get very muddy as soon as the prolonged rains arrive.

It’s been another big week of harvesting with nearly 25kg of tomatoes harvested, 9kg of curly kale, 9kg of cavalo nero kale, 2.5kg of courgettes (they are still going just!), 3 kg of salad, 20kg of leeks. We’re hoping that our harvests will continue for a good few months yet.

Compost is looking good! The children from Ysgol Pant Pastynog who came to visit last week enjoyed seeing the difference between the bays (one newer and one well rotted already).

In the kitchen:

We’ve got fennel in our box this week which is fab with sausages and mustard in a tray bake – this one also includes beans but we normally use potatoes in there.

Those of you with salsify – this has been discussed a lot in the shop, and been quite popular but if you need some tips Riverford have a good summary here.

Also had a new recommmedation this week in shop for all things Indian – Chetna and specifically the 30 minute meal book. Will be having a look at that.

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