Veg Box ponderings #1

I’ve lost my cooking mojo a bit recently, which makes it harder to share recipes as I’m cobbling together things and relying on tried and tested rather than being more adventurous.

It does remind me that veg boxes can sometimes just feel more of a chore than others – especially the case perhaps for those with young families where the ebb and flow of one week can sometimes feel a lot easier than others, but I think probably a factor of how busy we all are too regardless of who’s at home with us.

We fill our time to the max and try to do so many things at once (especially with what’s app in our lives – argh, been so close to deleting it so many times!).

As a side note – am re-reading a very old book called ‘Tales from End Cottage’ to my 7 year old and it’s so calm, peaceful and comforting – country life in the slow lane! Makes me want to stop and spend the time Mrs Apple does on each task (a whole day for her laundry!), and join her for a cup of trea under her damson tree, with no mobile phone or computer in sight!

But on reflection, I think for me the veg box always brings me back to what I think is important – what we eat – and staying focused on this helps me get back on track. As much as sometimes I can struggle to find the inspiration to use it all up, and sometimes just think it’s sitting there to create work for me (!), the idea of it not being there and having to make the decision in a supermarket as to what I want to eat just feels completely alien. I would rather feel uninspired at home in my own kitchen than standing in the supermarket (also being tempted by all the things that could make my life easier!).

So next time I’m wondering what to do with the cabbage in my box, I’m going to re-frame and think about how much better to be deciding what to do with a cabbage in my kitchen than standing in supermarket wondering what to buy and knowing that whatever I take home won’t be quite right as the choice is too great.

After I wrote this I read something ressuring from Anna Jones who says, ‘So my oven is finally on much more, traybakes and roasted roots are dinner. I’ve had to look back at old recipes and books to remember what my autumn favourites are. The kitchen equivalent of not knowing what to wear.’ It’s making me feel like I need to sit down with recipe books in front of the fire and remind myself of the things I love to cook with the veg that’s in the boxes now. Just need to find myself that bit of time, Mrs Apple would approve of that I think :)