Rosie and the 4kg cabbage

Weeding and harvesting in the rain

This week has been a bit of a catch up week for me, and the rain and general mizzle has meant i haven’t had to focus on watering! I think Liz eluded to it last week that I was feeling a little flat – this week saw our production for 2023 fall behind where we were in 2022 and this is due to a number of reasons, a) the weather, b) moles, mice and rabbits and c) my incompetence and not planning properly resulting in a gap in production of salad, beetroot, and courgettes.

So catching up – when feeling a little flat I often find a good tidy up sorts things out and I decided to have a good go at tidying our storage areas, compost bins etc. and it is now looking pretty cool. The compost bins should be finished later this week and then I’ll do a proper blog post and share.. Watch this space!

Rosie has been flat out weeding this week and I can’t believe managed two full days of nothing but. I last about 2 hours maximum before I have to tack off and do something else!

The seedlings are all doing well in the green house and I’m hoping to be able to get them into the ground by the end of next week

Harvesting – so far this week we have harvested

  • 12kg beetroot
  • 13kg Cavalo nero
  • 10kg Chard
  • 1kg Courgettes
  • 1 Giant Cabbage – 4kg!!!
  • 15 Kohl Rabi
  • 2 lettuces
  • 1kg peas

and I’m hoping that we’ll have some salad for the shop this week

Recipe Ideas! 

Caravan food for us this week! We have brought veg box to Rhosneigr and managing to eat pretty well! Friend living in Singapore told us  how hard it is to get fresh produce there and made us feel very lucky! 

She did remind us how good home made baked beans are though with jacket potato, especially at the moment when weather has definitely gone a little less summery. 

Here’s a recipe but lots of variations if you are willing to experiment-

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