A wet and muddy field

Think all UK farmers right now would be complaining of the same – a wet and muddy field!

In the Field

We are really starting to notice the lighter evenings, despite the grey days we’re having. The longer days are certainly helping things grow in the polytunnel. However, the recent chill for the last week slowed that growth off so whilst we’ve been able to harvest a lot of salad, the spinach and chard has not been quite as prolific as we would have liked! Definitely looking forward to some more of that elusive sunshine.

The seedlings have all been moved to the greenhouse with nothing currently germinating on our log burner (yay), though that;s not likely to be the case for long (boo) as we continue sowing some more.

This photo from 3 years ago popped up – picnic in the polytunnel! Look forward to more of these as the weather warms up.

In the Shop

We were quieter than normal in the shop on Thursday and then very busy on Friday – that’s the Tony effect! Rosie has now gone off on her travels, and then will be back in the field when she returns so Emma will be joining us in the shop.

Here’s an idea of what we have in this week.

Hopefully we’ll be getting Pentrefelin milk back in soon. Also from next week we should have a few other products to fit onto our shelves including rice, capers, wholegrain mustard and sundried tomatoes (all organic). You’ll easily be able to add these to your box too once we’ve put them onto the OOOOBY system.

in the Kitchen

The regular box is full of goodies this week. Thinking a lamb roast would use up aubergine and courgette (ratarouille), some Savoy cabbage and potatoes. Can never get past cauliflower cheese but a cauliflower and sweet potato curry also on the list – maybe something like this.

I fancy trying this lemon dal from Anna Jones (although might replace the tofu) but might wait till the Hungry Gap kicks in.

If you got a small box and aren’t sure what to with the kalette stick you could try this Riverford recipe for rosemary & chilli kalettes. They are also good in a frittata like this one.