Please see below what’s in the veg box this week. We share this information to help with your planning or to give you an idea of what goes in the boxes if you are thinking about getting a box. It also might help if you are trying to identify something you don’t recognise in your box!

It’s important to remember that the nature of organic veg boxes is that our produce isn’t as consistent as chemically grown veg and as such we may run out of something and substitute it with something else. Occasionally it maybe that we have to make it up with something the following week. Sometimes you will get extras because we have a glut, other times you will get fewer items because something in the box is of high value (e.g. asparagus).

There’s nearly always potatoes, carrots and onions (unless you’ve asked us for a box without any of these items).

This week (week 9):

Small – Cherry tomatoes, palermo peppers, sweet potato, leeks, kale

Regular – Salad, parsnips, leeks, mushrooms, purples sprouting broccoli, fennel

Next week (don’t read on if you like the surprise of not knowing!) – remember sometime we do have to make last minute changes so see this as a guide rather than set in stone.

Small – Leeks, fennel, courgette, purple sprouting broccoli

Regular – Celeriac, leeks, cherry tomatoes, palermo peppers, kale, salad, mushrooms

If you would like to sign up for a veg box you can sign up here