At the Vale Grocer we are keen to work with and develop working relationships with local suppliers.

Grow for the Vale Grocer

If you are thinking about growing something but hesitant because you may not have a market, then get in touch and we can discuss potential prices and quantities. Ideally get in touch before you start sowing so that we can ensure that we aren’t all growing the same things!

The important caveat to that is NO CHEMICALS (herbicides, pesticides and artifical fertiliser). We’ve lots of reasons for this and we know that it causes challenges when pests get in – we lost hundreds of kilos of beetroot in 2023 due to mice and voles. For us and many of our customers this is a red line. I’ve worked in the agro-chemical industry on their safety management, so have seen first hand how much PPE the workers in these factories wear to handle the product. Common sense says to me, I’d prefer not to eat food that has been sprayed. Check out this video I did for the Better food traders on instagram – are you someone who?

We need to know at least 2 weeks before what you think you will have available so that we can plan around it. If you are nervous about quantities because you are new to it, then that’s fine too, you just need to articulate that! Your produce needs to be delivered on agreed times as we are not always at the unit and we rarely have time to make specific journeys to collect.

If you would like to grow for us fill in the contact us form and let us know your contact details and we’ll give you a shout.

Helping us

picture of pile of wood chip ready for barrowing showing how people might work with the vale grocer

At the Vale Grocer we are keen to carve our way without relying on volunteers. Many businesses in our sector have a reliance on volunteers which I think undermines credibility of the sector in the eyes of established local farmers that might be thinking about diversifying and growing veg for us. However, we recognise that people want to help and be part of the community, and so we are keen to engage people for little jobs! These might include weeding paths, moving wood chip, barrowing compost, we also need wooden row markers made and string lines and label sticks that we can put in seed trays. These are things that can be done away from the field.

During 2024 we have a number of initiatives planned that are separate to our main growing, but will hopefully deliver produce for the shop and require some additional hands. Watch this space.

If you would like to help and work with the Vale Grocer, fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you.